Thursday, January 27, 2011

A dancers dream

Paulette inspired me to commit my dream to words, so here goes...

My dream is to build a community of dancers here in Kuranda, who enjoy dancing in each others company.

This is why I dance.  I believe, we are a reflection of our community and as such we evoke creativity and inspiration from our surroundings.  Therfore, we dance as a reflection of our community values.

It is not a wildly ambitious dream, but one i feel passionately about.  

I wish that our community of dancers can work together to build a community space that is our own, complete with floor to ceiling mirrors and photos of each one of us as we dance and beautiful fabrics draped across the walls to remind us of the rich heritage of belly dance. 

I wish that all dancers will feel welcome in this space.  Regardless of whether your style is cabaret, contemporary or Irish dance, I hope that we can work together and respect each other as dancers and learn from each other to better understand and extend our own style.

That is my dream.

If this dream has inspired you, please feel free to add to my post.  Or you can check out Paulette's blog at, who inspired me to commit my dream, to the universe.

Tribal Belly Dance returns to Kuranda

It feels so good to be dancing again with a regular class in our little community!
I feel more motivated, inspired, refreshed and strong.  Our first class for the year was a free 'try before you buy' and we had a fabulous bunch of girls along.  Prin, Celia, Jacinta, Suva and Vanessa.  It was so wonderful to see each dancer make the transition from stepping through a movement, to building confidence and then really having some fun with it and finding their own rhythm. 
Some of the girls who phoned did not turn up, I hope everything is alright with them and they can come along next week when structured classes begin.
I just wanted to post a quick message of welcome and say how proud i am of the new dancers in Kuranda dance.