Wednesday, November 16, 2011

What a great day!

This week i had a wonderful day planned visiting my girlfriend for a lunch on her birthday.  I had been looking forward to it for weeks.

Happy birthday Rit.

Pooch had different ideas for my day.  She was looking for someone to play with, unfortunately it was on the Kennedy Highway. So Mark picked her up from becoming road kill and brought her home for me to look after on my non-work day. I took on the role with relish!

We didn’t know her name or her home, so while Mark made up signs and contacted the radio station, I gave her lots of love and attention. She came with me to visit my girlfriend for her birthday lunch.

When no one called that night, I thought she might be ours.  But her family called the next day and she was reunited that afternoon.  Here are some photos to remember our lovely couple of days together.

"Throw the ball - go on?"

One last hug (after dance class) before we give her back

Mark and I will be getting our own pooch over the school holidays, when we have the time to build a fence and spend time getting her settled in.  So we consider Lilly to be our little road test and we loved sharing our life with her!

Monday, November 7, 2011

Sawasdee ka

Sawasdee ka!
Mark and I are having a lovely time here in Thailand.  Our holiday ends soon, but in the meantime, we are enjoying spending time with my brother in law and his new wife.  They had a beautiful Buddhist wedding with five monks and a very elaborate traditional Thai ceremony.  Ta was elegantly serene and beautiful and Chris was quite the dashing groom!  Mark and I felt very privileged to be representing his family from Australia.

While I am away from classes, we have also been enjoying a holiday here.  Most of our time has been up at Chiang Mai in the north, where it is a slow pace and the people are friendly and wonderful.  The highlight of our northern trip was an amazing opportunity we had to spend time with elephants at Baan Chang Elephant Park.  Below is a photo of us with Samboon, the big male of the flock.  He was such a gentle giant and loves a scrub in the bath.

I have been thinking about dancing and wondering how you are all going.  I am also a little worried about how much food I have been eating on this trip, as the Thai cuisine is too good!  Sit ups will definitely be on the agenda when I get back…