Sunday, February 13, 2011

Does all this wet weather drown everything or help it to grow?

A small dance setback last week had me confused.  Only one person turned up to class.  Another called to say she was unable to attend. The weather was horrible, really pouring down with rain, to the extent that i had to call my husband for help across some flash flood water on the way home. 

I chewed over whether i was really going to get a dance class established in Kuranda.  Perhaps i just wasn't meant to be and i was deluding myself. 

So i wandered around the Kuranda markets and found a great spot to do some busking.  Then to reassure me, my venue contact got in touch to try and help.  Then another sign, i have my first follower to my blog (thanks Cayte).

So I have emailed my students and asked for their commitment and feedback. 
Perhaps i will be given a positive response, perhaps i might need to modify how i setup the class, perhaps this may be a time to refocus my own dance.  Either way, my students will let me know.

So, does all this rain help things to grow or drown everything, we will see ...

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Re-focus after Cyclone Yasi

Hi folks
I know cyclones are part of living in the tropics, yet feel that we are very lucky to not have taken the brunt of this amazing natural phenomenon.  You can't help but feel so tiny and insignificant when seeing atmospheric systems on this scale and power.
Like the wet season is a chance to breath in the moisture and wash away the previous year, somehow i feel like Cyclone Yasi has been a big cleanup also.  Blown away a few cob webs and cleared the mind a bit.

I feel inspired to start our class on "slow moves" to begin with.  It feels like the right place to begin.