Saturday, September 17, 2011


What an amazing few days it has been.  With the close of the term, it has been my last dance class of term, my last day at the school I have been teaching and the first day of my holidays which means I now get to catch-up with my awesome family.  Each moment has been special in its own way.

One of my dance students, Amanda greeted me with a beautiful personally hand made bees wax candle and flower from her garden as a gift of thanks for our classes.  On her card was written, ‘when you light this candle think of me’.  It was too beautiful to light right away so I put it in my lounge room where I can see and smell it every day and still think of you!

Amanda's beautiful 'Amberlight" candle sitting in pride of place at home.

After my contract with Year sixes, my last day at Redlynch College was yesterday.  The Deputy Principal recognised my efforts at both the staff meeting and the all school parade and acknowledged that ‘I would be missed’. I was quite humbled by this gesture.  Then a whole bunch of the kids stuck around at the end of the day before I booted them out.  How special that students would want to be with me on the first minutes of their well earned holidays… Amongst the many treats of my contract, I was given a card from Amber and a drawing from Melissa, both beautiful people with big hearts.
Melissa's manga picture

 Amber's thank you card

So now I am with my family enjoying just hanging out together.  On my first afternoon with them, I have been able to see everyone.  Mum and Dad picked me up from the airport, my brother and his family popped over to say hello, I dropped in to see my sister and her family and then dropped in to see Grandma at hospital.  What an awesome family, that they all made the time to catchup.

So you can see how I feel so grateful for all the generosity around me at the moment.  None of these people were expecting anything in return other than my gratitude, which comes naturally.

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