Monday, January 2, 2012

2011 a year of wonderful transformation-bring on 2012

As we farewell 2011 i feel a little nostalgic when i recall all the amazing things that i have been given.

The opportunity to become a school teacher and explore this diverse and never-ending career has and continues to be an amazing and fascinating journey.  Let's hope i get to incorporate some geography into next year!

To be able to travel and dance has enabled me to meet and dance with a whole bunch of amazing tribal girls.  I had the opportunity to dance with Paulette Rees-Denis at Clatskanie and complete my Teacher Training Certificate 1 and to dance with the Gypsy Heart tribe at Om Studio in Portland AND many more amazing girls at Brietenbush ... phew and that was all before June!

In the second half of the year I was building a bit of courage to get out there a bit more and perform.  With the support of the TribalZest girls, at the Cairns Festival and also as an impromptu flashmob we got some fabulous experience.
I also dabbled in the idea of kids classes at the library over the school holidays which generated a Binta Bellies class here in Kuranda.
Lisa (KurandaDance), Nina (GypsyRain), Sienna (TribalZest) and Kylie (TribalPulse) - Tribal teachers of North Qld

Nina and Sienna continue to be my mentors and support in many of my decisions and Nina's monthly workshops at the temple are a wonderful way of reconnecting as a regional tribe and to continue the dedication required to be a dancer and teacher.

2012 seems very exciting, there is a wonderful surprise gathering momentum in Mareeba, but i can't tell you yet...stay tuned.

In the meantime, I have been preparing for Paulette Rees-Denis' workshop in February and KurandaDance's first performance at our Tribal Hafla in February.  Magnolia and I will be performing a duet - how exciting!  Amanda was a part of the choreography building process - her beautiful handmade candle a presence even though she is in Thailand at the moment.

My family and friends continue to be at the centre of my heart and although i don't mention you in my blog (without permission) you are never far from my heart and mind - love and hugs to you all!


‎2011 has taught me that if you really want something-if you lead from your heart the universe will deliver...not always what you expected but what is right for your heart!

Many works are still very much in progress and what an exciting journey it is...

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