Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Performance at Aileen’s Kuranda yoga class.

Wow what an intense performance! Last weekend, Aileen invited me to do a short bellydance ‘show and tell’ at her regular Yoga class on Sunday mornings.  Well it was a bit strange to be performing tribal without a tribe, but anyway, not to be a party pooper, off I went. 

I have never felt so watched so intensely.  I guess yoga participants are interested in how the body moves, but I must say, my belly was a big focus by all and I am sure it was in an appreciative way.  As I saw how absorbed everyone was, I started to shake and my slow moves felt more like wobbly moves, especially through my hands and fingertips. Although I will take the compliment that it looked like it was supposed to look concentrated and powerful, as putting strength into my hands is a personal dance weakness I am trying to improve.

A very appreciative audience gave me a big clap as I swished off the floor back to the toilets to get changed back into my yoga glad rags.  And the class continued.

A number of women approached me afterwards lamenting that Aileen’s Tuesday night class clashes with my dance class.  Aileen and I are working together to try and work out how we can both use the new facilities at the Kuranda Community Precinct, so we will keep you posted.

Thank you Aileen for giving me this opportunity and you and your students are always welcome at my dance class too!

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