Friday, July 22, 2011

Congratulations girls - beginners course complete

Tuesday night was our last night for the six week beginner course.  We all had a lovely night oooh-and-aaah-ing at each other’s beautiful belts, skirts, flowers, feathers and jewellery.  I am so sorry that I forgot to take a photo to share, because everyone really looked so beautiful in their dance finery and I would have liked to share this with you all.
The dance class was also all about pulling everything together and celebrating what we have learnt over our beginner class term.  We drew on the six weeks of moves and practiced them as drills, then put them together into formations.  Even with our little group of four, we had a go at a few formations.
Well done girls for finishing the beginner course.  We have a week break then resume on 2nd August for a new beginner group combined with our beyond beginner girls.  I look forward to some new women joining in our circle and welcoming back familiar faces to make our circle even bigger and better.  All welcome!

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