Saturday, August 6, 2011

A day of drumming with Yeow

Wow - what a great drummer and teacher - a rare combination!
Yeow from Bellyslap in Melbourne [] gave us four fantastic hours of teaching at the Temple.  Starting with the basic sounds of the tabla, some warm ups and the rhythms of tabla drumming including: falahi, ayoub, maksoum, baladi, saidi, heavy saidi, nawari and chiftitelli.  By the end, my hands were tingling and my poor neglected drum never sounded better!
Thanks for an awesome day of drumming!  It is so great to extend our belly dance repertoire from dancers to percussionist musicians also.  I look forward to sharing what we have learnt with our Kuranda tribe and extending our repertoire to be experienced in dance and percussion in the form of zills and tabla drums.

Yeow at the temple
(pictured back:Lisa, Leila, Carmen, Jasmin, Patti, Storm, 
middle: Jo, Yeow, Babushka, 
Front: Sienna, Nina, Jo and Sharna)

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