Sunday, January 12, 2014


Energy is something I have been thinking about a lot.
Do I have enough for the term ahead?
How do I get more each day?
How do I sustain a healthy amount?
How can I avoid running low?

People who can power through their day always bright and full of energy always amaze me and I have asked them how they do it.  Each person has identified a ‘downtime’ component of their life that nurtures and sustains them.  There seems to be very clear boundaries and a sense of looking after yourself and listening to your body.

So how much energy is physical and what is psychological?

I know that climbing Mount Kinabalu took me beyond my physical energy and it felt awesome.  I remember rock climbing used to take me beyond my physical strength and how each of these situations made me feel so much stronger, not weakened by the experience.  Even hearing a groovy song can inject immediate energy and make me want to get up and dance!  So what is going on here?

My husband shared this wonderful dance clip with me.
It has inspired me to look at energy and how we share it with others.  Perhaps the energy we give out to others, can come back even stronger?

I love it when dance classes feel like a workout, yet I feel energised afterwards.  Don’t get me wrong, I do tend to hit a wall when I stop, but I think that is my body wanting its downtime and that is what it is supposed to do.  Because let’s face it, the deep rest that follows exercise feels so good and the next day there are new muscles, which has gotta be a good thing!

I have been exploring the power of energy in our dancing.  Where is the energy and strength in the body with each movement?  Imagining energy as a ball of light and playing, dancing and enjoying it together.  Being real about how we feel when we come together to dance class and responding to what we need.  Being really aware of the energy I give and allowing myself to receive energy in return.

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