Saturday, April 16, 2011

I'm finally here at Clatskanie with Paulette

Its been a long time coming, but i am finally here and doing my refresher collective soul then my teacher training with Paulette. After two failed attempts to get here, i am actually here.  Its like a dream come true.

Yesterday was day one, we started at the farm.  I was welcomed with a beautiful big Paulette hug (and her corgis). Then Paulette and i sat down with Jeff and Mark and chatted about our wonderful trip and their fantastic life.  It was like being in an Aladdin's cave of rich colours, beautiful pieces placed deliberately and mountains of information, to be  in her personal space.  As Stephanie and Kit joined us we launched into the introduction chat and the day began.  I was torn between listening and taking in the space around us.

With a belly full of apprehension and excitement, we then headed off to Blue Nutria, a fantastic old building with beautiful wooden floors and a big mirror.  Good thing we all dance with such pride and presence, or we would be dwarfed by the space.  Paulette eased us into the course gently, but rattled through the moves.

Lunch was at the Cultivator to take in a lovely sustaining salad of yummy real flavours, then we returned to the hall to finish our days work with zills and rhythms.

The day was finished with a wine tasting at Cultivator, the perfect finish to the most wonderful day.  Jeff looking very comfy, standing proudly behind the counter with bottles of wine to share. As we sat and enjoyed the ambience and great company i had to pinch myself to remember that i am actually here and this is real.


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