Tuesday, April 5, 2011

What makes something great?

I have been fortunate to have experienced some amazing things over the past few days that have moved me and I am sure will leave a permanent print on my mind.
Mark and i spent a few days at the Grand Canyon and spent a day walking into the canyon to get a perspective on how immense it really is.

We stumbled across a small but significant place called Salt Creek Conservation Area and saw a long eared owl nesting in a tree, which felt very special to discover.

We also went to see the Cirque de Soleil Beatles show called "Love" in Vegas which filled my heart with joy and left me toe tapping for the evening.

So why do these things affect me and do they have anything in common that makes them great?
Is it the expectation that is exceeded?
Is it because it is a new experience?
Is it just because it means something to me only - perhaps others would not be so impressed?

Maybe because you can't put your finger on it, is what makes it special?
Maybe there isn't anything in common and i am just very fortunate...
But i think there is something, because each experience has filled my senses in a humbling and appreciative way.  And i think others around me felt something too which makes me think it is something really great, because it was not just me that has realised this.

Or perhaps i just wanted an excuse to write about what an amazing trip I am having…

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