Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Snow and springs - thinking of family!

Of all the travel books and brochures we have, i am reminded of how much i value family and home.  Advice from home has sent me to:
 - firstly to some hidden away hot springs and
 - secondly the most magical snow experience.
Only family would know how treasured those memories will be.

Most recently we had the return of snow.  One day was sunny, the next snow - out of nowhere, which gave me the opportunity to follow up on my sisters advice to make a snow angel!  Shell said i would really enjoy just lying on my back and feeling snow fall on my face - how true.  It was like soft gentle kisses on my face.  I think snow is the most beautiful thing, it makes everything look just so beautiful.
We saw snow again at Yosemite a few days later, so spectacular against the rocks and trees - another million photos on the hard drive.  As the sun came out, the snow would fall off the branches in great clods and thud on the snow around us, then shower in small snow flakes like rain.

another reminder of family is that before we left, i was talking with my brother and her partner about where we were travelling.  Hiroko suggested while in the Eastern Sierras i should check out the natural thermal springs.  We did and what a treat they were!  We checked out a couple close to Lee Vining in the time that we had and they were just what i needed for my travel weary bones and snuffly nose.  Sitting in the sun and soaking up the warmth was just divine - check out the backdrop. The only thing better would be to be there on a full moon with snow!

I write this on day twenty-six of our six week holiday and am thinking of home and how everyone is going.  Funnily enough i don't seem to have a proper sense of time, i had a situation today where i didn't know what day of the week it was or the date - how lucky i am to be on holidays!

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  1. I'm really enjoying reading about your adventures Lisa - enjoy! X