Sunday, June 12, 2011

Successful open day in Kuranda sports centre

Kuranda sports and social club was enjoyed by over a hundred people. People coming and going as different events began. Everything from baseball to taichi, bellydance to karate. It was all happening at the centre. The kids were having a great time trying everything out!
Shortly I will load up a YouTube of a short snippet from my impromptu performance, as requested by the audience!
Stay tuned...
Postscript - as the music is recorded, i would be breaching the itunes rules to load up the movie.  Instead, here is a photo to give a bit of an idea of the day...


  1. Whilst i have a short clip, the youtube regulations stipulate that all material must be original. As i have used recorded music, i don't want to breach the rules. Perhaps we can have live drummers next time?

  2. HI Lisa, Ive not had any issues with youtube in the past, I pay my PPCA, Amcos and Apra licenses and always credit the musicians? Have you had a different experience?

  3. Thanks for the advice Dee. I am registered with these organisations, so thanks for easing my concern. Will load a small clip onto youtube. Is always a bit nervous first time!