Sunday, June 5, 2011

Tribal girls flashmob Cairns

I joined in with the Tribal Zest troupe and some Gypsy Rain girls and as we did a flashmob in Cairns on Sunday.  We all looked fantastic in out tribal wear covered beneath jackets and hoodies.  We knew we were onto a good thing when our practice run-through in the park got an applause!  Sienna and the zest girls had pulled together a great routine and some funky music and Shana had the boom box to take it to the masses.

So we made our way into the Earleville shopping centre and as the music started, we all zipped off our day wear and kicked off the shoes to break into some awesome moves.   The Leukemia foundation ladies at a fundraising table nearby had huge smiles on their faces as they enjoyed the impromptu occasion.   A large crowd gathered within seconds and the unsuspecting shoppers were really enjoying it. Nearly 2minutes into the routine and the security guard came over to turn the music off, to an audience “ooh” in unison. But I guess that is the risk of doing a flash mob.  No sooner had it begun, then we all dispersed again.

Our intension was to follow up with a flashmob in Cairns Central, but two security guards and a policeman made it pretty clear that they weren’t interested.  Shame, I reckon the shoppers would have loved it.

We gathered a little later under the fig tree in the Cairns City Place and ran through our little routine, with some improvisation at the end.  Crowds gathering once again with cheers and claps all round.  At one stage it looked like one of the public was going to join our little circle, they were enjoying it so much.

We treated ourselves with a light lunch and another routine later to cap off a day full of tribal fun and friendship. 
Tribal girls hanging out in Cairns

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