Thursday, June 2, 2011

Tripod of happiness

I have been working through the book ”The Artist’s Way” of the past few weeks and have been happy with the shift in priorities it is bringing to my life.  I have a wonderful friend and partner doing the course with me, Carol.  She is a highly successful business coach and wonderful long term friend of mine whose friendship, judgement and enthusiasm I value enormously. 

As part of my morning pages, I have been working towards implementing things into my daily life that I enjoy.  I have played around with a few ideas, but have settled on three key things that work for me.  I would like to share these with you:
Tripod of happiness
-       Sustain my body through the garden – connect with the earth and eat well
-       Sustain my creativity through art and music – creating new ideas
-       Sustain my strength through dance and exercise – practicing the foundations

What are your thoughts, do you have a 'tripod of happiness'.  Do we value happiness, or is it a throw away term, “that makes me happy”.  Do we settle for fine instead of happy, good instead of great.  In this age of constant improvement, is it possible to be truly happy, or are we momentarily happy, then need to try and improve or compare ourselves against others.

At the moment, I am feeling great about the amount of time I am devoting to my happiness.  I always want to do more, but am satisfied with what is achieved.  I am really enjoying working part time, as it gives me the space to think and enjoy the things I want to do, not just get done the things I need to do for work.  I am not so guilty about the jobs around the house not getting done, as there is a level of contentment about the things I am doing.

I am super excited about dance classes starting next week.  The recreation centre (my venue for classes) has an open day coming up (deferred to 12th June – not this weekend), Tribal Zest have a gig this weekend,  I pick up my business cards today and the TRC library want me to help with their holiday program with dance classes.  How cool is all this! 

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